Unblock Sinuses Disease With Shiatsu Treatments

Shiatsu is a natural way to help with unblocking your sinuses. It can help to open the blocked passages so that pain and discomfort can be relieved. It is not difficult to do but is not useful if the blocked sinuses are due to an infection; this is for sinusitis.

Unblock Your Sinus Passageways

First of all, you should use the pads on your index fingers so that you can press underneath the body ridge of eyes. This will be inside your eyebrows.

Doing this will help to ease the pain that you will commonly think of as a headache and will also help to ease the fatigue that you will be experiencing due to the pressure in your sinuses.

You can also relieve the pressure in your sinuses by applying some pressure onto the back of your hand – the fleshy bit between your index finger and your thumb. You will need to do this for around two minutes so that you are able to help release the congestion that will be forming in your sinuses.  You should not do this if you are pregnant as it can cause premature contractions.


A third way to unblock your passageways is by pushing upwards on the point that is below your cheekbone. When you look ahead, it will also be in line with your pupil. This will help to relieve the pressure behind your eyes too.


Help Your Sinus Headaches

You can apply pressure onto your forehead just above your eyebrow and this will help to relieve the pressure that you will feel behind your eyes due to the pressure in your sinuses. This is commonly referred to as a sinus headache and can be tricky to get rid of.


Unblock Your Nose

You can press on the outer of your nose with your index fingers to help with clearing a blocked or running nose. This will help to decrease the inflammation and open the passageways. You will need to do this for around five breaths so that you feel the benefits.


Apply Pressure to the Feet

Similar to applying pressure to the web in the hand, you can apply pressure to the point between your big and second toe. This will help with gaining relief from your sinus headache and from any symptoms that you are experiencing from an allergy.


Help Shiatsu Work

While you are performing your Shiatsu, you can help it by draining the fluid in your sinuses. This is not as painful as it sounds. The easiest way to do this is by using steam and a bath will actually help with your sinus symptoms.

You can put a few drops of menthol or oils into the water and breathe naturally to take in all of the benefits. This is a very relaxing way to go through all the steps of Shiatsu and not worry about someone walking in and asking what you are doing.

You will also be able to work away the stress of the day, which will help your health.

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