Homemade Remedies To Remove Sinus Congestion

Many people suffer from sinus problems, usually due to allergies or the changes in the season. Your sinuses are structures in your head that help to hold up your head and face. They are usually empty and very balloon-like.

You can often feel run down, tired and full of cold when you are suffering from sinus congestion, even if it is not due to infection.

There are many ways that you can help sinus congestion, one of the ways is flushing your sinuses. This can be done with a saline irrigation method in a few easy steps.

What Your Need For Sinus Irrigation

You can buy irrigation kits that are already made up but if you are looking for a home method then you will need the following ingredients.

A blub syringe that is for your nasal, salt, baking soda and some warm water – this will need to be either tap or distilled water. You will also need tissues for afterwards, since you will be draining a lot of liquid from your nose.


Mix the Solution

You will need to start by mixing the saline solution. Mix a quarter teaspoon of salt and baking soda in with eight ounces of the water. You should boil the water first, so that you remove any bacteria, and then let it cool. You want it at a luke warm temperature so that you do not burn yourself. Once the water has cooled, then add the salt and the baking soda.


The Amount of Solution to Use

You will need to use between eight and 16 ounces of the solution for each nostril, so you may need to make up more. You will also need to do this twice a day. You should always consult your doctor to ensure that this is safe for you and to get any medical advice. Remember that this is only advisor.


Start the Nasal Irrigation

You will need to lean over your sink because it will get very messy. Start by turning your head so that your left nostril is closest to the sink bottom and then squirt some of the solution in your right nostril.

You should do this slowly and gently so that you do not cause yourself any excess pain or discomfort. The water will travel into your left nostril and drain through.

You should always ensure that you have used enough pressure so that the solution drains out and does not clog up your nose.

Once you have done that, blow your nose gently and then repeat on the left nostril. You should always ensure that you blow your nose gently and through both nostrils to help with pressure and so that you do not cause your nose to bleed.


Purchase Pre-Made Saline Kits

As stated above, you can purchase pre-made saline kits that comes with a specially made plastic bottle. These will work just as well to flush out your sinuses but can be more expensive than the general homemade versions. Whichever type you choose, you should always make a fresh load of solution each day and clean your syringe thoroughly.

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